Avon Lake High School (OH)

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It was my distinct pleasure to host The Avon Lake High School Chorale at the Blair School of Music on March 27th, 2015. Their director, Michael Lisi was traveling with their middle school feeder director, Braden Pontoli, and a group of over 100(!) students. 

I was immediately impressed with their discipline, full robust tone, and the accuracy of their musical portrayal. All of the notes were well represented and beautifully sung. Of course - we discussed - that’s only the beginning of the musical journey. We worked two pieces of music, including Halloran’s WITNESS, an old favorite that can be done in a variety of ways. We worked to add some authenticity to their interpretation, as well as finding the inherently interesting aspects of the writing that is sometimes buried in the texture. 

It’s great to work with a choir who has such strong fundamentlas and well-rounded muscial training. It was also encouraging to see so many men involved in this choral program - it’s obvious that there’s excellent cooperation and planning between the elementary, middle, and high school programs. Congratulations to the director and choir on such fine work. Remember the things we talked about - taking some risks to communicate the text, making your face look like the music, and at all costs - convey the message of the music to your audience. -TB

© Tucker Biddlecombe 2016