Maret School (DC)

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It was a pleasure to host the Maret School from Washington DC, and their director Will Breytspraak, for our Core Choir rehearsal on Wednesday February 11th. The choir observed the Chorale's first Haydn rehearsal after our sold-out Choral Prism concert, and though the choir was mostly reading we discussed the importance of solfege and music literacy in Maret's high school program. After the business part of rehearsal was over, the Chorale performed two pieces for the Maret choir, Ethan Sperry’s Balleilakka and Jake Runestad’s Nyon, Nyon. The Maret students posed insightful questions about the music to the Chorale, as well as aspects of studying music in college. 

After the Chorale was dismissed (many of them stayed afterwards, however!), we then moved on to the clinic portion of our afternoon. The Maret choir opened with a fine performance of Muie Rendera - singing with vitality and precision. Among other things, we discussed the altos ‘having some more fun’, ‘keeping the groove’, and steady tempo. A fine performance of ‘Lonsome Road’ followed (with a very fine soloist and student pianist!), where we talked about genuinely connecting to emotion during performance. Finally, we sang through ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ with me at the piano, and we talked again about keeping the tempo, and some different ideas of how to appraoch this well-loved and oft-performed arrangement. We closed the clinic with a sing-through of 'Seasons of Love’, which was a great way to put all of the aspects of our clinic into practice. 

Congratulations on the fine work Will Breytspraak and the Maret choir are doing. If you all continue to sing with passion and dedicate yourself to detailed preparation, there’s no limit to what you can achieve!


© Tucker Biddlecombe 2016